The B-57 Canberra served the U.S. Air Force for more than 25 years as a nuclear weapons platform, conventional weapons bomber, reconnaissance,  tow target, weather, and electronic countermeasures aircraft as well as being a mainstay for other nations.

This web site is dedicated to the aircrews, maintenance and support personnel who knew the aircraft and were a part of its missions. It is a beginning with the hope that those who were a part of the Canberra story will add to the growth of this site by providing original photos, videos, sound, and anecdotes.

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B-57B - Kentucky ANG 165th TRS, USAF 8th BS
Converted to EB-57B, USAF 13th BS
8/1972: Converted to EB-57B, 1972: Kansas ANG 117th DSES

B-57C - 1962-65: Nevada ANG 192nd TRS, 1968: USAF 4677th DSES
1974: Vermont ANG 134th DSES, Converted to RB-57C

RB-57D - USAF 4028th SRS (4080th SRW)

B-57E - USAF 7272nd TTG, at Wheelus AB, Libya
Converted to RB-57E

WB-57F taken by an RCAF pilot flying a T-33 at about 30 thousand feet over Ottowa.

B-57B-MA converted to B-57G May 1969

The F-model serves today in high-altitude missions in various parts of the world.

photos: Paul Filmer -
WB-57F - Boneyard to Blue Sky - On 9 August 2013 NASA 927 took to the runway for its first flight in 41 years. October 2013 it's flown by NASA in Kandahar

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B-57s banking over South Vietnam.
(Photo: Maj. Robert C. Mikesh)

EB-57A model: (photo USAF) patlynnwith_shrapnel.jpg (2967 bytes)
Patricia Lynn Recon leaves for repair: photo-USAF
Tan Son Nhut AB, Vietnam

8th TBS Bomber configuration
photo- Mark Witt

B-57D:  photo - Mark Girard

ECM config. 4713 DSES: photo-Mark Witt

RB-57A: Shaw AFB markings (AF via Mikesh)

B-57C just after liftoff
(nose gear doors closing)

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