1) Acting President Gayle Johnson called the meeting to order and welcomed all to the Washington D.C. reunion and thanked everyone for attending. Other officers in attendance were Secretary Barbara LeBlanc and Treasurer Bill Hitchcock. President Dave Baird and Vice President Don Shields were unable to attend.

2) Minutes from the 2015 Business Meeting were approved.

3) The Treasury Report was given by Bill Hitchcock: we have $4656.96 remaining in our account.

4) The Canberra website was discussed regarding continuing to keep it up and running at a cost of $150 per quarter plus a fee to maintain the domain name. Also it was recommended that a copy of the roster be included at the website and Barbara LeBlanc will coordinate with webmaster, Phil Dunn. Paul Apuzzo offered to look into alternative ways to keep information available to members. Gayle Johnson will also contact Phil as to the possibility of another discount.. Everyone was encouraged to visit the website as it will contain information of interest to our members.

5) In the event of the association being dissolved, whatever monies remain will be donated to the Air Force Museum at Wright-Patterson AFB.

6) An election of officers was held: President Gayle Johnson, Vice President Paul Apuzzo, Secretary Barbara LeBlanc, Treasurer Bill Hitchcock.

7) It was agreed to hold at least one more reunion in 2019 at Fort Walton Beach, Florida. Paul Apuzzo will contact the Reunion Brat to discuss a scaled down version of their services and will contact Tom Godbold who offered to be the point of contact in Fort Walton Beach. If we are unable to gain numbers attending the next reunion, the association will most likely be disbanded.

The meeting was concluded and Gayle thanked those present for their participation and asked everyone to contact friends/members to get more at our next reunion. In addition, we want to thank Dave Baird and Don Shields for their dedication and service to the Canberra Association.

Respectfully submitted,
Barbara LeBlanc