Bob Winklepleck

Besides being the treasurer of the B57 Canberra Association, Bob had been a huge contributor over the years. Bob and Julie were already signed up for the 2015 Seattle reunion.

Bob began feeling tired about a month ago. At first the usual - well, I have the flu, well, I have been slacking off on my exercise. On and on. This past Monday, June 15th, 2015, Bob's oncologist called and requested we both come in to his office. He then told Bob his latest blood work showed that he had developed Acute Myeloid Leukemia. He said we must go to the ER immediately. We did and Bob was in general hospital care for about 3 days. Then he was moved to Hospice which is in the hospital. This AM (June 20, 2015) around 3:00 the hospice called and said Bob had passed away and that we must come immediately. We all arrived around 4:00 AM. This has been a very sad day I can tell you. As family we are laughing, telling stories and trying not to cry too much. When I think of him as I am now the tears flow. I miss him terribly. Bob was a wonderful husband. I loved him very much and we had 26 years and 8 months together. We traveled a great deal, attended the reunions and well....grass didn't grow under our feet!

Please let all the members of Canberra know how much he enjoyed visiting with old friends every other year. And he kept up correspondence with many of you. George Knight, Batman, Pappy and many others were always in his thoughts. Mine too.

I will be staying in our house for the time being. Probably 2 years or so. It's what Bob would have wanted.

God Bless You All.

Julie Winklepleck