Pigeons to Peshawar

I have more than a story. I have a book, "Pigeons to Peshawar", (Friesen Press, 2014, 428 pages) that includes nearly 4 years at Albuqerque flying A-F models, 1962-1966. In the book I talk about the last phase of nuclear atmospheric testing, Project Dominic, using the B-57D aircraft while TDY to NAS Barbers Point, HI. At the end of testing, we continued cold sampling with B-C- and E model shortwings over the northern US, Canada, and Alaska. We even got a few A-models from the squadron in Alaska that we flew for 6 months or so. I was there and was one of the first navigators to checkout in the new WB-57F.

Here's a rare photo taken at ABQ the day we arrived home from nuclear testing. Eight B-57Ds in formation. I was in the back seat of the last aircraft when the picture was taken.

You can preview my book on amazon.com for free, or purchase it as an e-book for $7.95 I can also mail you an autographed copy in either hardcover $35 +$5S/H, or in softcover for $25 = $5S/H.

I also flew the C-130A as an airborne listening post aircaft in Europe, and spent 12 years flying the F-4 all over the world (the rest of the book)

Ken Schanke  Tucson, AZ email for Pigeons to Peshawar copy