Lt. Col. Todd Kelly

Lt. Col. Todd Kelly of the Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency is interested in locating anyone on the crew of a B-66 that flew a pathfinder mission on 13 Jun 1966 on which a B-57 was lost.

If any of our members know the names of the crew, please contact Col. Kelly directly at 703-699-1424 or email Col. Kelly with your comments.

Charles Ramsey, who was in the 13th Bomb Sq at Clark AB, but TDY to Bien Hoa and Danang replied:

"I canít offer any more info than is already out there. That incident happened after I had left. Other aircraft in the formation reported seeing a flash but nothing else. At that time, flying off the B-66 (at night) was pretty much routine.

During the early part of that operation, we did a lot of things that had never been done before, like flying wing tip formation off a C-130, at night, in the weather. It was a very steep learning curve. Not to mention night dive bombing.Ē