The B-57 Canberra

in art and crafts

The B-57 was the subject of paintings and other crafts made by crew members' dependents and the enterprising, local artists in Japan, the Philippines and Korea. Here are a few. If you have a photo of a model B-57 - especially a carved one or one of the rare factory "giveaways", or other art, please let me know so it can be included.

From  a collection of "spy plane" models.  I have unfortunately forgotten who sent it.


You can't tell that I love the Canberra from the enclosed photo, not just from the looks stand point, but from the fact that it was and still is a wonderful airplane that had to be flown. I have never flown in one (wished I could) but from the pilots I talked to say, they were a joy to fly, because you had to fly them. You did not let some impersonal computer decide what the stick input was you gave it and do the command as it thinks you meant.
I did build one from scratch for R/C use. Yes, it flew great all the way up to the point where an engine failing in a critical attitude (full power take off) caused the plane to get into and critical dive attitude at low altitude. The plane took 5 years to build from the drawing of the plans to making the plugs and molds. Deciding on an airfoil NACA 6061 (which was one of the reasons the plane could not sustain flight with one engine dead)






RB-57 F model by John Sheehan


The "Bummer" Award



The picture of the plaque was hand made by Hank Grudzien,Jr of Rossville ,MI, who  was a weapons specialist on the B-57 in '66 and '67.The plaque was made so we could hang a bomb beneath it for each reunion of the BLMF`s.We meet every two years starting in 1998.


Howard L Taylor 



Charles Hinton sent this one with this comment: 
"I am resurrecting the "old birds" that flew with the 13th Bomb Squadron.  Here is an artist's conception of what we think the B-57 of the 13th Bomb Squadron looked like in 1957 & 58.  We know the logo and its placement is correct.  Any comments?   Charly 




A Martin factory chrome model given to crew members in the early days. 
The government stopped the practice by Martin thus making existing models more valuable.
(Photo by Bill Longfield)

Paintings by Della Leonard




            Tom Witt - 10 years old                                            Unknown artist at Osan, Korea
                                                                                     (courtesy Chuck Ramsey)

(Courtesy Philip Dunn)

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