B-57 Canberra Sounds
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The cartridge starting system of the B-57 allowed it to operate with little ground support. The flight crew could install the cartridge affording a self-sufficient, quick reflex, world-wide capability.
More than once, fire departments reacted to the black powder start. The sound was distinctive as well. Click either photo to hear an engine start. (180 KB - MP3)

During taxi, the long tubes of the engine caused a distinc- tive "wow-wow" sound with the throttles below 55%. The sounds heard on this recording  were used as part of a test and were not considered good practice. Crews also used the sound to  "show-off."  It worked.
Click either photo to hear a taxiing B-57. (318KB-MP3)

But the takeoff sound was a thrill for anyone who loves flying ---- it was as though you were going with them. Click either photo to hear the sound of a B-57 takeoff.

The start engine sound was recorded by Mark Witt at Otis AFB, in 1972; the taxi and takeoff sounds were recorded by the Air Force at Eglin AFB April 1959 (courtesy of Michael Harmon). Click either photo. You are cleared for takeoff. 
(435 KB-MP3)

The black B-57 start photo is by John Harris. Other photo- graphs were taken by an Air Force Organizational Readiness (ORI) team at Otis AFB and were provided by John Harris, 4713 DSES Commander.

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