Every present and former officer who served in or supported a B-57 organization shall be considered eligible to be a member of this organization. Requests to be placed on the association roster may be verbal or written to the secretary of the association. Honorable service in the armed forces of the USA is a prerequisite for membership. The spouse, widow, or widower of such a person is eligible for membership in the association. [Article V from the Association Constitution.]

Dues may be paid to: Bill Hitchcock, Treasurer for the Canberra Assn.
2609 Emerald Bay Lane
Elk Grove, CA 95758
My preferred treasurer email address is

The first B-57 Canberra reunion was held at Colorado Springs, CO in 1983. It was decided that the gathering should be held biennially and after the reunion in 1985 they would be held at different locations. The organization became a little more formal in 1993 when the Constitution and By-laws were voted in at the Hampton, VA reunion.