Hello B-57 Canberra Association members!

Allow me to introduce myself to those that may not know me. The past administration (Gayle Johnson, Mel Eiseman, et al) decided that it was my time to head up this illustrious organization so here I am! I live in Oregon and was the host for the 2007 Portland reunion. I flew "F" models out of ABQ in the early '70's.

My hope and goal is to increase contact and commmunication between B-57 crew members, wherever they are. With help and encouragment from Gayle, Mel, Norm Silver and others we now have a web site that is being run by one of our own, Phil Dunn. Go to b57canberra.org to check it out! We will expand it a lot in coming months and it will be our main contact tool for the next reunion: 2015 in Seattle. Incidentally, Phil is cheap but not free so at the next membership meeting we'll propose raising due about 2 cents a day, or $5 per year to pay for the website operation.

You should be getting info on Seattle, 2015 shortly after the 1st of the year. Cruises, tours, shopping, Banquet at the Seattle Museum Of Flight etc.! It will be a great one and we'll be taking suggestions on what YOU would like to do for 4 fun days in Seattle.

Dave Baird, 58 WRS, Kirtland AFB, NM , 1972-74 RB/WB-57C/F