The Canberra in Vietnam
Royal Australian Air Force

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In April 1967, eight Australian-built MK20s of the No. 2 Squadron arrived at Phan Rang AB. Their assignment was night bombing under radar control from 20,000 feet (Combat Sky Spot). The "Magpies" launched eight sorties daily.

RAAF_in_Flight.jpg (15749 bytes)
750 pound General Purpose (GP) Bomb at the outboard stations

Though this procedure was completely successful, seven months later, the RAAF used Forward Air Controllers (FACs) just as their US counterpart B-57s were doing but with level flight low altitude techniques using W.W.II vintage bombsights. The results of the missions were termed "magnificent". The Australians outlasted the USAF B-57s by staying until 1971 when they returned for further assignment at home in reconnaissance.

A strong point of agreement among 8th TBS crews was that the No. 2 Squadron really knew how to give a party!

RAAF_Front.jpg (16483 bytes)
Note the pilot and bombardier locations VS. B-57.

RAAF_ground.jpg (6697 bytes)
Bombs were carried where the B-57 usually carried tip tanks.

Photos: USAF via Robert Mikesh

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